Mark Getty
[Oil fortune heir, photo stock entrepreneur, b. 1960, Rome, lives in Buckinghamshire, Tuscany, and London.]

 In some areas, [Getty Images has] more images than the rest of the market put together. But libraries are being built up at a terrific pace. A photographer in a lifetime will produce maybe a million images, and there are about 15,000 professionals at work out there. 

Jay Maisel
[Photographer, b. 1931, Brooklyn, New York, lives in New York.]

 If you’re just going to meet consumer or clients’ demands, you might as well be a plumber—the work will be more frequently available. 

William Henry Jackson
[Photographer, b. 1843, Keesville, New York, d. 1942, New York.]

 [The building of the transcontinental railway] was something truly earth-shaking and, whether or not there had been a dime in it for me, sooner or later I would have been out on the grade with my cameras. 

Albert Renger-Patzsch
[Artist, b. 1897, Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany, d. 1966, Wamel Dorf, Über Soest, West Germany.]

 There was a time when one looked over one’s shoulder with an ironical smile at the photographer and when photography as a profession seemed almost invariably a target for ridicule. That time is now over. 

Chip Simons
[Photographer, b. 1958, Ohio, lives in Bosque Farms, New Mexico.]

 Timothy Leary called me a “Shamanistic light dancer,” most people just call me “weird”... as long as they just call me... it’s okay. 

Henry Peach Robinson
[Photographer, b. 1830, Ludlow, Shropshire, England, d. 1901, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.]

 Photography is becoming so very useful that it is a question whether it will not in time be forgotten that it was originally intended as a means of representing the beautiful, and became known only as being the humble helper in everybody’s business except its own, from that of the astronomer, who uses it to discover unexpected worlds, down to that of the “brewer and baker and candlestick maker.” (1896) 

Oliver Wendell Holmes
[Physician, author, father of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, b. 1809, Cambridge, Massachusetts, d. 1894, Boston, Massachusetts.]

 Charitable institutions have learned that their strongest appeal lies in the request, “Look on this picture, and on that,”—the lawless boy at his entrance, and the decent youth at his dismissal. (1863) 
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