Miriam Bäckström
[Artist, b. 1967, Stockholm, lives in Stockholm.]

 I do not see a clear boundary between my reality and that of the image. 

Ruth Bernhard
[Photographer, b. 1905, Berlin, d. 2006, San Francisco.]

 If you are not passionately devoted to an idea, you can make very pleasant pictures but they won’t make you cry. 

George W. Bush
[Politician, b. 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut, lives in Dallas, Texas.]

 One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures. 

Max Bense
[Philosopher and theoretician, b. 1910, Strasbourg, France, d. 1990, Stuttgart.]

 The esthetic process in painting is directed toward creation: the esthetic process of photography has to do with transmission. 

Honoré de Balzac
[Writer, b. 1799, Tours, France, d. 1850, Paris.]

 The steam-engine was rejected as absurd, just as aerial navigation is today. So were gunpowder, the printing press, spectacles and the latest newcomer, the daguerreotype. If someone had gone up to Napoleon and told him that a building or a man is permanently represented by an image in the atmosphere, and that everything that exists possesses an intangible spectre which may nevertheless become visible, Napoleon would have had him put away in the asylum at Charenton, just as Richelieu dispatched the unfortunate Salomon de Cuax to the madhouse at Bicêtre when that Norman martyr came to him with the invention of the steamship. —And yet Daguerre’s invention demonstrates exactly what I have just said. 

Gus Blaisdell
[Writer, b. 1935, San Diego, d. 2003, Albuquerque, New Mexico.]

 Photography is inherently occult, a medium contacting the dead without contagion. 

Christian Boltanski
[Artist, b. 1944, Paris, lives in Paris.]

 Photography is used to give evidence, and the evidence is always deceiving. 

Erwin Blumenfeld
[Photographer, b. 1897, Berlin, Germany, d. 1969, Rome, Italy.]

 Beauty is not pretty.