Manuel Álvarez Bravo
[Photographer, b. 1902, Mexico City, d. 2002, Mexico City.]

 Shoot what you see, not what you think. 

Brigitte Bardot
[Actress, b. 1934, Paris, lives in Saint Tropez, France.]

 A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you. 

André Breton
[Artist, writer, editor, and critic, b. 1896, Tinchebray, France, d. 1966, Paris, France.]

 The ground beneath my feet is nothing but an enormous unfolded newspaper. Sometimes a photograph comes by; it is a nondescript curiosity. (1924) 

Judith Butler
[Philosopher and theorist, b. 1956, Cleveland, Ohio, lives in Berkeley, California.]

 The critical image... must not only fail to capture its referent, but show its failure. 

Kevin Bacon
[Actor, b. 1958, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lives in New York.]

 They took 3-D digital photographs of my entire body. I had to pose stark naked, assuming a kind of Spider-Man position. After a minute, one of the technicians pointed to my genitals and said, “Um, we’re not getting enough data there”... It wasn’t what you think. It turns out that the fancy digital camera doesn’t pick up dark areas too well, and they were having trouble because of the hair down there. I actually had to spray on this highlighter stuff. (On having digital photos taken for the invisible man role in the film Hollow Man) 

Geoffrey Batchen
[Photohistorian, b. 1956, Australia, lives in Wellington, New Zealand.]

 Remember that image of Truman holding up the premature issue of the Chicago Daily Tribune declaring his defeat by Dewey? It is in the Corbis catalogue. Remember Malcolm X pointing out over his crowd of listeners, the airship Hindenberg exploding in the New Jersey sky, that naked Vietnamese child running towards us after being burned by napalm, Churchill flashing his V-for-victory sign, Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother, Patty Hearst posing with her gun in front of the Symbionese Liberation Army banner, LBJ being sworn into office aboard Air Force One beside a blood-splattered Jackie? Corbis offers to lease us electronic versions of them all; it offers to sell us, in other words, the ability to reproduce our memories of our own culture, and therefore of ourselves. 

Angela Bulloch
[Artist, b. 1966, Fort Francis, Ontario, Canada, lives in London.]

 The works often continue to evolve after they have been realized, simply by the fact that they are concerned with an element of change, or an inherent potential for some kind of shift to occur. 

Howard Bingham
[Photographer and pal to Muhammad Ali, b. 1939, Jackson, Mississippi, d. 2016, Marina del Rey, California.]

 I have had the greatest of all blessings because my eye and my camera became the world’s window to this magnificent life.