Robert Rauschenberg
[Artist, b. 1925, Port Arthur, Texas, d. 2008, Captiva Island, Florida.]

 Photography is an economical instant studio that travels well. 

Elliott Erwitt
[Photographer, b. 1928, Paris, France, lives in New York.]

 Little is more irritating to me than photographers pontificating about photography or talking about their pictures in public, unless these photographers have just come back from China or the moon, or have something very particular to say, or a great new technique and approach to talk about, or are interesting and intelligent personalities. They should stick to talking through their pictures. 

William Burroughs
[Writer, b. 1914, St. Louis, Missouri, d. 1997, Lawrence, Kansas.]

 The image disintegrated in photo flash of total recognition — other image on screen — Hold in sight — smell of burning metal in his head — 
 Cut word lines — Cut music lines — Smash the control images — Smash the control machine — 
 I had a vibrating camera gun sewed into my fly, a small tape recorder and a transistor radio concealed in a clay pot — I took a plane to Merida… 
 Dead post card you got it? — Take it from noon refuse like ash — Hurry up See? These pictures are yourself… 
 …pain of the long slot burning flesh film — canceled eyes, old photo fading — violet brown souvenir of Panama City… 
 This simple operation—making recordings and taking pictures of some location you wish to discommode or destroy… will result in accidents, fires, removals.