Donna Ferrato
[Photographer, b. 1949, Waltham, Massachusetts, lives in New York.]

 I certainly don’t want to rely on Corbis or Getty to really help photographers. They’re our enemies. Those people who want to buy up our archives and are buying out these agencies, these are the mortal enemies to photographers today. And I wish that photographers could find some other way to go instead of selling their heart and souls to those guys, because those guys are morally corrupt, they're bankrupt. 

Diane Arbus
[Photographer, b. 1923, New York, d. 1971, New York.]

 My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been. 

Dorothea Lange
[Photographer, b. 1895, Hoboken, New Jersey, d. 1965, San Francisco.]

 Sentiment and sentimentality, they are difficult concepts to manage. 

Diane Arbus
[Photographer, b. 1923, New York, d. 1971, New York.]

 One of the risks of appearing in public is the likelihood of being photographed. 

Henry Peach Robinson
[Photographer, b. 1830, Ludlow, Shropshire, England, d. 1901, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.]

 It was soon evident in my lodgings that I had become a dangerous lunatic, and there would be nothing left to destroy if strong measures were not taken. So I was turned out of the house, but it was only into the garden, where I was allowed to build a small darkroom of oilcloth. 
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