Lee Miller
[Photographer and model, b. 1907, Poughkeepsie, New York, d. 1976, Sussex, England.]

 I took some pictures of the place [Hitler’s residence] and I also got a good night’s sleep in Hitler’s bed. I even washed the dirt of Dachau in his tub. 
 [Being a great photojournalist is] a matter of getting out on a damn limb and sawing it off behind you. 
 The personality of the photographer, his approach, is really more important than his technical genius. 
 I would rather take a photograph than be one. 
 It seems to me that women have a bigger chance at success in photography than men… Women are quicker and more adaptable than men. And I think they have an intuition that helps them understand personalities more quickly than men. 
 No question that German civilians knew what went on. Railway into Dachau camp runs past villa, with trains of dead or semi-dead deportees. I usually don’t take pictures of horrors. But don’t think that every town and every area isn’t rich with them. I hope Vogue will feel it can publish these pictures. (Cable from German front, May, 1945) 
 I’m no good with my hands, though I am good with a screwdriver—taking a camera apart. But sewing on a button? I could scream. 
 Nearly all the photographs I ever took have disappeared—lost in New York!—thrown away by the Germans—in Paris—bombed and burned in the London blitz—and now I find Condé Nast has just casually scrapped everything I did for them, including war pictures. (1976) 
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