Anders Petersen
[Photographer, b. 1944, Solna, Sweden, lives in Stockholm.]

 I don’t care so much about form. Perhaps I did in the beginning, a long time ago. But now I just want to be as straight and simple and as true as possible. 
 (Be wary of:
nicely formulated principles and truths.
useless feelings of guilt and sins of the past
or while we’re at it
photograph resembling pretty adjectives
on the other hand, I like private
diaries and family albums
 There is not a big difference between life and taking pictures... You’re in the middle of life, you’re living, making love, eating, sleeping—and photography is part of it. And I don’t say this because I’m being romantic. I say this because that’s just the way it happens to be. 
 To me, it’s encounters that matter, pictures are much less important. 
 You have to focus on what you are doing, not just as a photographer, but as a human being. 
 Cutting is a good way to describe [my way of shooting]. I cut… that’s what it feels like, because it’s so fast. Then I peel away layers. 
 I can’t describe reality; at the most, I can try to capture things that seem to be valid, the way I see them. 
 That 15th of a second. Once you’ve been there, you keep on wanting to get back. 
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