Frank Zappa
[Musician and composer, b. 1940, Baltimore, Maryland, d. 1993, Los Angeles.]

 And if another woman driver
Gets machine-gunned from her seat
They’ll send some joker with a brownie
And you’ll see it all complete. 
 Find yourself a young vegetable victim! Take your young vegetable victim. Step one, now this is very important, you have to do it exactly this way. (Bring the band on down behind me, boys, this gets technical.) First: You get a Polaroid camera and you make one good jump, from a balcony to another balcony on the seventh floor of the Sheraton Hotel in Jacksonville. When you land on the other balcony with your Polaroid camera, something like this—Shoot off one good flashbulb catching—The agent will immediately turn around and say, “You know, I sure would like to have that photograph.” You walk up to the agent and say, “Well, ha, funny you should mention it, I have this photograph here and just about time to develop it, yes it turned out great, it shows both of you here, and I’ll give you this photograph if you’ll give me the munchkin vegetable that you’re with in order that I might make a few more pictures.”