Shimon Attie
[Photographer, b. 1957, Los Angeles, lives in New York.]

 I use contemporary media to reanimate sites and places with images of their own lost histories. 
 Simply because something is not visible it doesn’t mean that it is not there. 
 I think of my work as a kind of peeling back of the wallpaper of today to reveal the histories buried underneath. 
 There’s this presence of these missing people and this lost community that I felt but could not see, and that was a very strange dissonance for me. 
 I use images as signifiers that point to layers of history, lost communities or a latent collective whispering within a certain context. 
 … my boundaries between past, present and future are perhaps more porous than other people’s. I think the same is true about text and image. Text is an image for me; when I use it visually I insist on it having the right quality. Words are images. 
 My intention is to create opportunities for reflections and meditations on history.