Max Dupain
[Photographer, b. 1911, Sidney, Australia, d. 1992, Sidney.]

 Photography is a new means of expression in society. In a hundred years it has evolved to a state of being a primary visual force in our lives. (1947) 
 One hopes that the new generation of photographers in Australia will graduate to the outdoors and make naturalness and spontaneity the underlying qualities of their work rather than a superficial pleasantness which characterizes so much of it today. (1947) 
 Subject matter comes to you, you don’t go to it... Although I shoot extemporaneously a lot of the time, I prefer to have half a dozen shots in my mind. Probably I have seen them many times under different conditions and I have been thinking about them. The moment shall come when I shall go back to them and make the photographs. 
 Dealing with architecture brings me very close to the state of mind required to make pictures. One also needs an old seeing eye, appropriate reflexes which embrace sensitive observations coupled with appropriate emotional responses. 
 The photograph is concerned with showing actual life often beyond the scope of the human eye, the painting is a symbol of life and fused with the spiritual interpretation of the painter. The former is objective, the later is subjective and never the twain shall meet. (1947)