Rosalind Fox Solomon
[Photographer, b. 1930, Highland Park, Illinois, lives in New York.]

 I accept myself and realize that being an outsider is part of my strength. 

William Eggleston
[Photographer, b. 1939, Memphis, Tennessee, lives in Memphis.]

 Whether a photo or music, or a drawing or anything else I might do—it’s ultimately all an abstraction of my peculiar experience. 

George, Gilbert
[Artist, b. 1942, Devon, England, lives in London.]
[Artist, b. 1943, Dolomites, Italy, lives in London.]

 One pays a price for being a mystic. Visions are a great source of certainty to the person, and they are bad servants to the artist. They make the person into a saint, and the artist finds his salvation in being the least saintly of mankind. 
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