Luigi Ghirri
[Photographer, b. 1943, Scandiano, Italy, d. 1992, Reggio Emilia, Italy.]

 The need to be original and creative at all costs, the desperate search for novelty and trademarks, in the belief that an artist may be recognized because he impresses his own visual editing on the outside world, is the biggest danger faced today by research and creative photography. (1985) 
 …I called on photography to suggest or point out a possible itinerary through the outside world, which seemed to me ever more blurry, indestructible and incomprehensible—a boundless kingdom of analogy and fragmentation. 
 Photography needs to do away with the idea of being a representation simply because it is always ‘an image’. 
 I take photographs in color because the real world is in color, and because color film has been invented. 
 The most important lesson I received from Conceptual art consisted in the recording of simple and obvious things, and viewing them under a whole new light. 
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