Aleksander Rodchenko
[Artist, designer, architect, b. 1891, St. Petersburg, d. 1956, Moscow.]

 Art has no place in modern life. It will continue to exist as long as there is a mania for the romantic and so long as there are people who love beautiful lies and deception... Every modern cultured man must wage war against art, as against opium... Photograph and be photographed. 
 Only the camera seems to be really capable of describing modern life. 
 Damn it, nobody knows what is beautiful and what is not. They do not understand new things. 
 Landscapes, heads and naked women are called artistic photography, while photographs of current events are called press photography. 
 Photography has all the rights, and all the merits, necessary for us to turn towards it as the art of our time. 
 Don’t try to capture a man in one synthetic portrait, but rather in lots of snapshots taken at different times and in different circumstances! 
 Photography—the new, rapid, concrete reflector of the world—should surely undertake to show the world from all vantage points, and to develop people’s capacity to see from all sides. (1928) 
 ... we must set out—and we will surely find—a new aesthetics, able to express in photography the aspirations and pathos of our new socialist reality. 
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