W.G Sebald
[Writer, b. 1944, Bavaria, Germany, d. 2001, East Anglia, England.]

 I believe that the black-and-white photograph, or rather the gray zones in the black-and-white photograph, stand for this territory that is located between life and death. 

René Burri
[Photographer, b. 1933, Zurich, Switzerland, d. 2014, Zurich.]

 To some extent, the cult surrounding black-and-white photography is based on nostalgia. 

Raghubir Singh
[Photographer, b. 1942, Jaipur, Punjab, India, d. 1999, New York.]

 The eyes of India only see in color. 

Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman)
[Singer, songwriter, and artist, b. 1941, Hibbing, Minnesota, lives in Malibu, California.]

 I play these [folk acoustic] concerts and I ask myself, ‘Would you come see me tonight?’—and I’d have to answer truthfully, ‘No, I wouldn’t come. I’d rather be doin’ something else, really I would. That something else is rock... The words are pictures, and the rock’s gonna help me flesh out the colors of the pictures. (1965) 
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