Edmundo Desnoes
[Writer, b. 1930, Havana, Cuba, lives in New York.]

 Weston’s sensual texture or Cartier-Bresson’s implacable composition are apt to close over themselves, attaining the perfection of a certain sensual and harmonious bliss. We see textures, volumes, equilibrium—and reality, open and ragged, is lost and transcended. 

Paul Caponigro
[Photographer, b. 1932, Boston, Massachusetts, lives in Cushing, Maine.]

 Photography’s potential as a great image-maker and communicator is really no different from the same potential in the best poetry where familiar, everyday words, placed within a special context, can soar above the intellect and touch subtle reality in a unique way. 

Corinne Day
[Photographer, b. 1962, Ealing, West London, d. 2010, Denham, England.]

 I try to capture something from my subjects that’s real. It’s the eyes that tell that. 
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