Raoul Hausmann
[Artist, b. 1886, Vienna, d. 1971, Limoges, France.]

 It was on the occasion of a visit to the Baltic seacoast on the island of Usedom in the little village of Heidebrink, that I conceived the idea of photomontage. On the walls of almost every house was a colored lithograph depicting the image of a grenadier against a background of barracks. To make this military memento more personal, a photographic portrait of a soldier had been used in place of the head. This was like a stroke of lightning, one could—I saw it instantly—make paintings entirely composed of cut-out photographs. (Recollection of his 1918 epiphany) 

Martin Heidegger
[Philosopher, b. 1889, Messkirch, Baden, Germany, d. 1976, Messkirch.]

 When we reflect on the modern age, we are questioning the modern world picture... Wherever we have the world picture, an essential decision takes place regarding what is, in its entirety... The fundamental event of the modern age is the conquest of the world as picture. The word ‘picture’ [Bild] now means the structured picture [Gebild] that is the creature of man’s producing which represents and sets before... 

Edward Weston
[Photographer, b. 1886, Highland Park, Illinois, d. 1958, Wildcat Hill, California.]

 With over twenty years experience, I never try to plan in advance. Though I may from experience know about what I can do with a certain subject... I start out with my mind as free from an image as the silver film on which I am to record, and I hope as sensitive. Then indeed putting one’s head under the focusing cloth is a thrill... one becomes a discoverer, seeing a new world through the lens. 

Nadar (Gaspard-Félix Tournachon)
[Photographer, b. 1820, Paris, d. 1910, Paris.]

 People were stunned when they heard that two inventors had perfected a process that could capture an image on a silver plate. It is impossible for us to imagine today the universal confusion that greeted this invention, so accustomed have we become to the fact of photography and so inured are we by now to its vulgarization. (1900) 
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