Pedro Meyer
[Photographer, b. 1935, Madrid, Spain, lives in Mexico City.]

 Merging photographs can be more real than the isolated image because reality is so much more rich than just an isolated moment. 

David LaChapelle
[Photographer, b. 1968, Connecticut, lives in New York.]

 ...the computer is slave to the camera, because without a good photograph all the technology in the world doesn’t make a good picture. You have to have a good photograph to begin with. 

Penelope Umbrico
[Photographer, b. 1957, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lives in New York.]

 As soon as you put something on the web, you’re crossing a threshold from the personal to the collective. No matter how personal an image is, if there’s another image somewhere that shares the same subject and approach, it becomes part of a phenomenon. 

Nancy Burson
[Photographer and artist, b. 1948, St. Louis, Missouri, lives in New York.]

 All of my early images were really visual experiments to me. They were attempts to answer unasked questions like, what happens if you put images of six men and six women together, or if we combined a monkey’s image with a human, would the result approximate an image of early man? 
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