Yve Lomax
[Artist and theorist, b. 1952, Dorset, lives in London.]

 Assuming that the photographic image comes in between and presents a front, am I to believe that the photographic image forms a cover... a mask or veil? Does the photographic surface cover over, conceal or hide something? That which mediates, does it mystify? Is the image a mask which perverts a basic reality... and evil appearance? I am reminded of the Marxist line which says that appearance and reality are quite distinct things. I ask myself: does the appearance of the image mark the disappearance, the absence, of that which is essentially true or real? 

Donna-Lee Phillips
[Photographer and critic, b. 1941, Winthrop Massachusetts, lives in Eureka, California.]

 Because very little in the training of the typical photojournalist addresses structural social, economic, or political issues, the photojournalist under fire must rely on intuition, instinct, conscience, and the lessons of experience to analyze and interpret quite complex events. 

Edward Said
[Writer and critic, b. 1935, Jerusalem, British-ruled Palestine, d. 2003, New York.]

 What we must eliminate are systems of representation that carry with them the authority which has become repressive because it doesn’t permit or make room for interventions on the part of those represented. 

Gabriel Orozco
[Artist, b. 1962, Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, lives in New York, Paris, and Mexico City.]

 I admire the artists that work everyday to attest things for themselves... In the act of transforming the objects of the everyday they transform the passage of time and analyze the economics and politics of the instruments of living. 

Glenn Ligon
[Artist, b. 1960, Bronx, New York, lives in New York.]

 Art points to things. It’s a way of giving people not the standard way of looking at the world. 

David Douglas Duncan
[Photojournalist, b. 1916, Kansas City, Missouri, lives in Mougins, France.]

 I am no kook, hippie, hawk, or dove. I am just a veteran combat photographer and foreign correspondent who cares intensely about my country and the role we are playing—and assigning to ourselves—in the world of today. And I want to shout a loud protest at what has happened at Khe Sanh and in all of Vietnam. (1967) 

Lewis Hine
[Photographer, writer, and reformer, b. 1874, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, d. 1940, New York.]

 I have had all along, as you know, a conviction that my demonstration of the value of the photographic appeal can find its real fruition bet if it helps the workers to realize that they themselves can use it as a lever even tho it may not be the mainspring of the works... (1910) 

Anthony Hernandez
[Photographer, b. 1947, Los Angeles, lives in Los Angeles.]

 Nobody else was looking. And that’s why people will see what I’ve seen... that’s what I’ve forced them to do with these pictures. 
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