Sophie Ristelhueber
[Photographer, b. 1949, Paris, lives in Paris.]

 My real interest is traveling the world’s tormented places and revealing the scars and the traces on the ground. I am dedicated to the earth. 

Michael Light
[Photographer, b. 1963, Florida, lives in San Francisco.]

 I come at a subject from a profoundly photographic level. I am not interested in pictures that ultimately don’t work as pictures. 

Peter Henry Emerson
[Writer and photographer, b. 1856, LaPalma, Cuba, d. 1936, Falmouth, Cornwall, England.]

 It is not the apparatus that chooses the picture, but the man who wields it. 

Giséle Freund
[Photographer, b. 1908, Berlin, Germany, d. 2000, Paris, France.]

 Yet it seems so easy to take a photograph! One forgets that, apart from the technical aspects, photography can be a mental creation and the affirmation of a personality. What is marvelous about a photograph is that its possibilities are infinite; there aren’t any subjects ‘done to death’. 

Régis Durand
[Critic, writer, and curator, lives in Paris.]

 Many photographs (perhaps most) ask no more of us than that we bask in the serene contemplation of the represented object in its indisputable presence. 

Corinne Day
[Photographer, b. 1962, Ealing, West London, d. 2010, Denham, England.]

 I always thought [my models] looked best when they were sitting in their pajamas smoking pot and getting pissed on a bottle of wine. So that’s what I documented. I liked the girls looking how they were naturally… 

Larry Sultan
[Photographer, b. 1946, Brooklyn, New York, d. 2009, Greenbrae, California.]

 “Pornography” is such a loaded word. I think it’s gotten really clear recently because we’ve seen some really serious pornography with the Iraqi prisoners, along with the graphic descriptions of what happened. It’s really a time of oppression and also a time of such perversion. My work is so mild, and so much about tenderness and empathy—there’s nothing pornographic about it. 
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