Glenn Ligon
[Artist, b. 1960, Bronx, New York, lives in New York.]

 The impulse to reuse, recycle, and recontextualize is nothing new. What is new is the overabundance of images we have to choose from. The task is to see whether something can be made from them. I do not wish to add any more. (2012) 
 Even with a million cameras, there’s no such thing—for certain groups of citizens—as evidence. 
 It occurred to me that for many people, to look is to photograph, and looking is a social experience, an act to be captured on a phone and disseminated to friends. 
 In some ways, I’ve always thought of my work as self-portraiture, but never straightforward representation of the self; it’s always self-portraiture filtered through forms that seem to be against portraiture… 
 Art points to things. It’s a way of giving people not the standard way of looking at the world.