Garry Winogrand
[Photographer, b. 1928, New York, d. 1984, Tijuana, Mexico.]

 A photo is a literary narrative, ya know what I mean... but it’s not specific. 
 I don’t have to have any storytelling responsibility to what I’m photographing. I have a responsibility to describe well... 
 A photograph can only look like how the camera saw what was photographed. Or, how the camera saw the piece of time and space is responsible for how the photograph looks. Therefore, a photograph can look any way. Or, there’s no way a photograph has to look (beyond being an illusion of a literal description). 
 ... what if I said that every photograph I made was set up? From the photograph, you can’t prove otherwise. You don’t know anything from the photograph about how it was made, really. But every photograph could be set up. If one could imagine it, one could set it up. The whole discussion is a way of not talking about photographs. 
 I’m sure some of [the current rise of interest in photography] has to do with taxes, tax shelter things... I don’t know, but I think it’s got to do with economics. Now and then you get somebody who buys a picture because he likes it... I don’t really have any faith in anybody enjoying photographs in a large enough sense to matter. I think it’s all about finances, on one side. And then there are people who are socially ambitious. 
 You could say that I’m a student of photography, and I am, but really I’m a student of America. 
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