Garry Winogrand
[Photographer, b. 1928, New York, d. 1984, Tijuana, Mexico.]

 Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts. 
 Every photograph is a battle of form versus content. The good ones are on the border of failure. 
 I don’t have anything to say in any picture. But you do, from your experience, surmise something. You do give a photograph symbolic content, narrative content... But it’s nothing to worry about! 
 What photograph isn’t a still life? 
 I like to work in that area where content almost overwhelms form. 
 Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed. 
 I photograph to see what things look like photographed. 
 There is nothing as mysterious as a fact clearly described. 
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