Edward Weston
[Photographer, b. 1886, Highland Park, Illinois, d. 1958, Wildcat Hill, California.]

 I don’t give a tinker’s damn about being true to nature. 
 Photography is of today. It is a marvelous extension of our own vision; it sees more than the eye sees. (1926) 
 The hour is late, the light is failing... there stands my camera focused, trained like a gun, commanding the shells not to move a hair’s breath. And death to anyone who jars out of place what I know shall be a very important negative. (On making the photograph Chambered Nautilus, 1927) 
 She bent over forward until her body was flat against her legs. I made a view of her swelling buttocks which tapered to the ankles like an inverted vase, her arms forming handles at the base. Of course it is a thing I can never show to a mixed crowd. I would be considered indecent. How sad when my only thought was the exquisite form. (On his 1928 photo of Fay Fuquay) 
 With over twenty years experience, I never try to plan in advance. Though I may from experience know about what I can do with a certain subject... I start out with my mind as free from an image as the silver film on which I am to record, and I hope as sensitive. Then indeed putting one’s head under the focusing cloth is a thrill... one becomes a discoverer, seeing a new world through the lens. 
 I say that chance enters into all branches of art: a chance word or phrase starts a trend of thought in a writer, a chance sound may bring new melody to a musician, a chance combination of lines, new composition to a painter. I take advantage of chance—which in reality is not chance—but being ready, attuned to one’s surroundings—and grasp my opportunity in a way which no other medium can equal in spontaneity, while the impulse is fresh, the excitement strong. The nearest to photography is a quick line sketch, done usually as a note for further elaboration. And how much finer, stronger, more vivid these sketches usually are than the finished painting. 
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