Jeff Wall
[Photographer, b. 1946, Vancouver, Canada, lives in Vancouver.]

 Most photographs cannot be looked at very often. They become exhausted. Great photographers have done it on the fly. It doesn’t happen that often. I wasn’t interested in doing that. I didn’t want to spend my time running around trying to find an event that could be made into a picture that would be good. 
 I’m not sure any of us has made photographs as good as Evans’. 
 I’ve always felt that good art has to reflect somehow on its own process of coming to be. 
 Photography cannot find alternatives to depiction, as could the other fine arts. It is in the physical nature of the medium to depict things. In order to participate in the kind of reflexivity made mandatory for modernist art, photography can put into play only its own necessary condition of being a depiction-which-constitutes-an-object. 
 Only an idiot would take pictures of nothing but filling stations. (Referring to Ed Ruscha’s seminal 1963 book “Twentysix Gasoline Stations.”) 
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