Jeff Wall
[Photographer, b. 1946, Vancouver, Canada, lives in Vancouver.]

 Dragging its heavy burden of depiction, photography could not follow pure, or linguistic conceptualism all the way to the frontier. 
 Art inherently involves artistry. I prepare certain things carefully because I believe that’s what’s required. Other things are completely left to chance. Anything that is prepared, constructed, or organized is done in order to allow the unpredictable “something” to appear and, in appearing, to create the real beauty of the picture, any picture. 
 I’m struck by things I’ve seen, but I don’t photograph them. If they persist in my mind, I try to recreate them. 
 Painting has to do with touch... That’s the eros specific to painting.... Photography is about the distance, the inability to touch, maybe. 
 Photography cannot find alternatives to depiction, as could the other fine arts. It is in the physical nature of the medium to depict things. In order to participate in the kind of reflexivity made mandatory for modernist art, photography can put into play only its own necessary condition of being a depiction-which-constitutes-an-object. 
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