Jeff Wall
[Photographer, b. 1946, Vancouver, Canada, lives in Vancouver.]

 If you are capable of making good pictures it’s immoral not to do so, for whatever reason or excuse you might give. 
 The spontaneous is the most beautiful thing that can appear in a picture, but nothing in art appears less spontaneously than that. 
 A picture is something that makes invisible its before and after. 
 Because image traffic has become so heavy and so continuous, it now seems as if these millions of images came into being by themselves, without the agency of a person. 
 I begin by not photographing. 
 I guess you could say I’m like a film director but my movies have only one frame. 
 Meaning does not interest me and has almost nothing to do with my decisions or judgments. 
 One paradox I have found is that, the more you use computers in picture-making, the more “hand-made” the picture becomes. Oddly, then, digital technology is leading, in my work at least, toward a greater reliance on handmaking because the assembly and montage of the various parts of the picture is done very carefully by hand. 
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