John Szarkowski
[Curator, critic, historian, and photographer, b. 1925, Ashland, Wisconsin, d. 2007, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.]

 I come from long-lived stock, and expect at least forty years after forty to practice what my education will have presumably taught me. As a crusty octogenarian, I shall hobble about and point with a trembling, Elon-stained finger toward the direction in which my carrying-boy should set up the camera. And all the while chuckling quietly at the unreasonable beauty of things. (Written at age 29; Szarkowski met his own expectations: he died at age 81) 
 There’s nothing wrong with the laying on of hands to muscle the world into order. But there is something quite unique about the photographic idea of standing in the right place at the right time and accomplishing the same thing. 
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