Alfred Stieglitz
[Photographer and curator, b. 1864, Hoboken, New Jersey, d. 1946, New York.]

 In looking at the photographs of clouds, people seem to feel freed to think more about the actual relationships in the pictures and less about the subject-matter. True meaning... comes through directly, without an extraneous or distracting pictorial or representational factors coming between the person and the picture. 
 I’ll try portraits of eggs & see whether I can differentiate between a rotten egg & a fresh one—so that as you look at the pictures you’ll get the psychology of that particular (or not particular) egg. —That will be a test of my powers. 
 The idea of Secession is hateful to the American—they’ll be thinking of the Civil War. I’m not. Photo-Secession actually means a seceding from the accepted idea of what constitutes a photograph... (1902) 
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