W. Eugene Smith
[Photographer, b. 1918, Wichita, Kansas, d. 1978, Tucson, Arizona.]

 The journalistic photographer can have no other than a personal approach; and it is impossible for him to be completely objective. Honest—yes. Objective—no. 
 The first word I would remove from the folklore of journalism is the word objective. 
 It’s not a matter of looking, it’s a matter of seeing. (Quoted by photographer Edouard Boubat) 
 [I am] always torn between the attitude of the journalist, who is a recorder of facts, and the artist, who is often necessarily at odds with the facts. 
 An artist must be ruthlessly selfish. 
 Up to and including the instant of exposure, the photographer is working in an undeniably subjective way. 
 I will do no photography... that compromises my intelligence, my taste, my integrity. (On his dissatisfaction with working for LIFE Magazine, in a letter to Walker Evans, 1954) 
 What use is having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of feeling? 
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