Lucas Samaras
[Artist, b. 1936, Kastoria, Greece, lives in New York.]

 ...I started photographing myself, and found that I could see portions of myself that I had never seen before. Since I face just my face in the mirror, I know pretty much what it’s like. When I see a side-view I’m not used to it, and find it peculiar... So, photographing myself and discovering unknown territories of my surface self causes an interesting psychological confrontation. 
 The selfie mentality demonstrates a very aggressive behavior. It’s like going to a museum and saying: “screw the Rembrandt.” 
 For me, looking in the mirror produces a sense of wonder. I say, “Who is that?” I look at my hand or my rear-end and say, “What is that?” The idea of the mirror being an area of erotic conflict is an idea for those who don’t look into mirrors. And so, I started photographing myself... 
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