Vik Muniz
[Artist, b. 1961, Sao Paulo, Brazil, lives in New York.]

 Once I thought I could duplicate the dot pattern of a billboard with M&M's. I almost died of nervous exhaustion. Live ants, rubber bands, black beans, chains, electric sparks, magnets, oil, milk—you name it, I’ve tried a lot of things but only succeed with a few. 
 Smiling for a camera seems to be embedded in the genetic code—even the blind do it. 
 Photography does not reveal the world as a whole, but a carefully edited version of it. It’s not linked to truth in any circumstance, because it’s bound to an opinion, making it more human than mechanical. 
 As for Happenings, I have been to a few performances and I confess that I get embarrassed and rarely enjoy them. Photographs of such events, however, are always fascinating. 
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