George Platt Lynes
[Photographer, b. 1907, East Orange New Jersey, d. 1955, New York.]

 I’m the damned soul of my (damned) camera, and God, how it hates me sometimes. 
 …if ever I am to be a successful photographer, exuberance and fantasy, or qualities of that order, will be the making of me, rather than calculations and impassivity. 
 I asked B. if he’d be willing to pose with D. A little to my surprise he said yes, so I asked D. to come along. He did. I photographed... them in all sorts of close-contact suggestive sentimental sensuous poses... D. would have been willing, but I thought B. wouldn’t... But then... everything did happen... and the sight of that big black boy screwing that super-naked little white bundle of brawn was one of the finest I’ve ever seen.