Nobuyoshi Araki
[Photographer, b. 1940, Tokyo, lives in Tokyo.]

 Since I began photographing genitalia, there’s been a trend toward allowing pubic hair to be shown in photos. When I was told I couldn’t show genitalia, I thought it might be acceptable to hide them by inserting what’s called an “adult’s toy” in them, or some other foreign object. 
 While it’s all well and good to take advantage of what digital has to offer it's crucial to not neglect those things that are absolutely essential to all photography. I mean, unflinchingly photographing the most personal subjects. Men photograph women. Women photograph men. It’s not just taking pictures of things like the sky and city streets that a photographer thinks are neat. Take the love out and it means nothing. There's an aspect of photography that has nothing to do with whether a photo is shot with digital or conventional techniques, and the photographer must consider it. 
 I am not saying these are true photographs because I shot my own honeymoon! It is simply that I have made love my starting point as a photographer, beginning by chance with an I-novel. Although in my case, I think everything will be an I-novel. This is because I think the I-novel is [the genre] closest to photography. 
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